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The Benefits of Our Car Servicing in Bicester

Two of the key services that our automotive experts offer Bicester clients are car servicing and breakdown recovery. However, one thing separating us from the vast majority of garages in the area, is that we offer HGV servicing and commercial vehicle recovery in addition to serves for everyday motorists. On this page, we’ve looked to run through car servicing benefits which both domestic and commercial clients around Bicester enjoy when booking in a regular service at our locations in Witney and Oxford.

Looking to book an appointment? Suffered an accident and need our breakdown recovery team to attend to you immediately? Skip this article and give the Kardos Car & Commercials head office a call on 01865 883 130.

Why Come in for Regular Car Servicing?

Fuel Economy – Neither homeowners or commercial drivers around Bicester want to be spending any more money than necessary to keep their vehicle safely and legally on the road. But regular car servicing and HGV servicing can actually save you money, by significantly improve fuel economy. This is achieved by ensuring your wheels are aligned, changing oil and oil filter, and similar maintenance tasks which can impact miles per gallon.

Repair Bill – Poorly maintained vehicles suffer from maladies far more often than well-maintained ones. Trust us, we’re the Bicester area’s go-to breakdown recovery and commercial vehicle recovery company. We’re regularly called to rescue vehicles which really shouldn’t have broken down in the first place, but have been so long-neglected in the car servicing / HGV servicing department that it was almost inevitable. Save money on both breakdown recover and expensive vehicle repairs by making the relatively minor, albeit regular investment in car servicing.

Road Safety – The most important advantage of car servicing is that it helps keep you safe on the road, as it’s an integral opportunity for trained mechanics to locate any emerging or present automotive issues and recommend urgent repairs. While you can’t put a price on road safety, prospective customers around Bicester can rest assured they won’t have to! Car servicing is extremely affordable.

This is especially important when it comes HGV servicing. After all, the bigger and heavier the vehicle you drive, the more damage you could do to your fellow Bicester motorists in case of an accident. Not all garages employ mechanics skilled in HGV servicing, which is very different from regular car servicing. So if you drive a truck or lorry for a living, keep your breadwinner in good shape by regularly visiting Kardos Car & Commercials.

Vehicle Value – If you ever come to sell your vehicle, perhaps to fund the acquisition of a new and improved model that you’ve long had your eye on, then your car servicing history will play a significant role in determining how much you get. Whether it’s from a dealer as part of a trade in, or a local second hand buyer in Bicester you’ve found via Gumtree or a similar trade website, the buyer is going to want to know how reliable the vehicle they’re getting will be.

One surefire way to prove they aren’t going to need to call in a breakdown recovery / commercial vehicle recovery service 5 minutes after their purchase, is by showing them your car servicing / HGV servicing history. When they see that it’s been well-looked after by the mechanics at Kardos Car & Commercials, they’ll surely be enthused enough to pay a bit extra for this quality guarantee (we hope).

To book car servicing or HGV servicing with Kardos Car & Commercials, well-known throughout Bicester for our expertise and affordable prices, call 01865 883 130.